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TEAM Exclusive: Full BD Bootcamp

All 5 TEAM exclusive webinars

Service Description

1. Building a Brilliant Business Development Plan (Monday 29th April 11am) - This session will help you to win more customers by improving/creating your go to market plan and improving your market value proposition. We will focus on how to define and hone your market, before talking about different outreach strategies that will allow you to get into the mind of your targets and sell the right thing to them at the right time. 2. 6 Ways to Business Develop that 80% of recruiters don’t know (Tuesday 30th April 11am) – Jump on this session and learn about 6 different ways you can access information that will allow you to sell in completely different ways to your competition. After this session, you will be able to have different conversations with clients to other recruiters - showing your expertise and gaining a level of credibility that others don't have - making it easier for clients to say YES to you (Linkedin Recruiter license needed to maximise value from this session) 3. How to sell to different generations in 2024. (Wednesday 1st May 11am) - The way prospects like to engage is changing, join this webinar and learn how to diversify your outreach strategy in order to sell to prospects in the RIGHT way in the modern world. 4. Staying out of the recruitment friend zone (Thursday 2nd May 11am) – Recruitment has become so much more focussed around relationships – but it can be a challenge converting those relationships to commercial value. Join us as we dive into how you can begin to turn those relationships into revenue. 5. TEAM choice webinar (Friday 3rd May 11am) – Once you sign up you will get the option to VOTE on the 5th Webinar that we will be running from the following 4 options 1. Overcoming Written Client Objections 2. Become a Sales Jedi using NLP 3. Chasing Leads Effectively 4. Creating Bespoke Solutions to improve long term client partnerships Plus a bonus 30 minute follow up session on 17th May to go through any challenges you’ve faced.

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