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We provide bespoke recruitment training that unlocks high performance, increases opportunities for success and grows recruitment businesses.




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Webinar Series

We have created a bunch of webinars that we are running on 23rd - 27th October, which will help you and your consultants make more money - so we called it the Make More Money series!

View the full programe here

Training that DELIVERS

We tailor our training to target your specific requirements and deliver tangible results. From beginner training and onboarding plans to training talent acquisition teams to board-level growth coaching, we’ve got you covered.

​Customer Reviews

Bobby was hugely supportive during the training I received from him at the beginning of my new role.

His down-to-earth and interactive style made the training engaging and fun.


His background in the industry meant he was empathetic to the challenges recruitment consultants face and he was readily available to offer his wisdom and solutions to these issues.

All in all, a likeable and credible chap - would recommend.

Recruitment Consultant

Bobby has been working with our teams, delivering a bespoke training programme which we co-designed with him. The results speak for themselves, all consultants making their first placement within 3 months, increased NFI and placements per head for 100% of the consultants on the programme, and above all we now have a solid group of happier, more confident and more consistent recruitment professionals. 

I've known Bobby personally for a number of years and regard him as a friend, what's been special with this programme is to be able to do business with a friend who delivers for your business as well. Looking forward to continuing this great partnership.

Business Leader

Having worked with Bobby previously, I knew how dedicated, how caring and how much he could offer in helping recruiters get a better understanding of the recruitment lifecycle. 

He aided in getting my new team members trained and upskilled in both candidate and client engagement, as well as providing support for them in understanding the day-to-day aspects of their new career.

I highly recommend Bobby and his team, he's a great and positive person to be around, and very flexible to meet the needs of the company.

Recruitment Manager

Training Options Tailored To Career Level

Some of our most requested training includes:

New Recruits

Training Courses

  • Candidate Journey

  • Finding Candidates

  • Candidate Qualification

  • Client Journey

  • How to Plan Your Business Development

  • Marketing Candidates to Clients

  • Getting the Right Outcome

  • Working Roles

New Recruits

Experienced Consultants

Training Courses

  • Selecting the Right Candidate

  • Advanced Candidate Control

  • Account Management

  • Advanced Business Development

Experienced Consultants

Business Leaders

Business Leaders

Training Courses

  • Making The Most of Millennials

  • Getting Your Internal Hiring Right

  • Start-up and Business Growth Coaching

  • How to Set Up for Success

  • Creating Vision and Values


We observe consultants being trained as they work, or we create a scenario for consultants to go through. Here they feel some of the challenges to be overcome.


We assess the scenario and look at both the great things that happened, the skills and behaviours shown, and also the points to develop.


The next layer is to apply learning, both theoretical and practical, to enhance the person’s knowledge of the subject.


We put that learning into practice in scenarios, helping consultants feel comfortable as they apply their enhanced skills.

Creating our TRAINING

We create training by asking: “What is the person going through this training going to take away from this?” 

From that we create training and coaching programmes that have seen consultants go on and be really successful in their recruitment careers.

Ensuring our training is as experiential and applicable to the markets that your recruitment consultants are working within as possible involves a combination of:

Training tailored to YOU

You can do all the training in the world, but if your business culture isn’t right for the team you’ve created, you’re wasting your money. Our approach begins with understanding your ethos and culture, before designing and delivering recruitment training.

How we get RESULTS

We perform a deep fact-finding exercise to understand the challenges you face in growing and retaining your team. 



  • Business deep-dive

  • Understand current and intended competency

  • Look at gaps and barriers

  • Understand how people like to learn

  • Intended business outcomes and opportunities for doing learning



  • Work backwards from business goals

  • Create a high level overview

  • Check outcomes consistent with what the business wants 



  • Experimental design

  • Follow:
    Do  |  Review  |  Learn  |  Apply



  • Train the trainer / train the team

  • Create empathy for what the learner will go through

  • Highlight any early changes that need making 



  • What worked well?

  • Things to change?

  • How can we make this even better?

  • Look at follow-ups

With the right culture, training and support, your business will THRIVE.

 Questions that our work can provoke:

  • Does your company’s management and culture need addressing?

  • Are you rewarding the wrong behaviour and just looking at performance and not character?

  • Are your expectations too high and not aligned to their actual ability?

  • Is your company culture not set up to support people in the correct manner?  

  • Do you have the correct systems/structures in place to accurately measure performance?  

  • Are your leaders helping to make things worse?

  • Are your expectations unrealistic and way too high (or low)?


Don’t settle for second best. Level up your recruitment team with our personalised training and coaching

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